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“Everything you wanted to know about Fake News, but were afraid to ask”

Politically driven and carefully fabricated, fake news are becoming one of the basic daily-consumed products in Eastern Europe. Particularly in vulnerable countries like the Republic of Moldova, which sees its news channels, media, politicians and general society split between Western and Russian preferred sources, the prevalence of anti-Western, pro-Kremlin propaganda is a permanent reality.

At the core of effective means to fight this problem are the journalists and bloggers who disseminate, comment on and use the information that becomes available. Europuls considers them information vectors, as their role in either furthering the propaganda or stopping it altogether is paramount. In the battles of this new information war, they are the frontline and if the Western Democratic Model is to be safeguarded and even developed, they need to be empowered with the expertise and tools to identify, block, debunk and prevent fake news in the future.

Europuls aims to create links between the budding anti-propaganda experts and organizations in Europe ( in Ukraine, EU East StratCom in Brussels, Finnish Government Department for Strategic Communication, NGOs and think-tanks with expertise in the field etc.) with the image vectors from Moldova.

Our project consists in 3 steps.

1. Organize a media training for at least 30 Moldovan journalists on fake news and combating propaganda in Chisinau, focused specifically on Russian language propaganda, empowering Moldovan journalists to identify and combat it locally. The training took place on April 20 2018, more information and photos can be consulted here.

2. Organize a trip to Brussels for at least 10 Moldovan journalists and getting them in contact with the lead experts in the EU environment, providing them with the necessary tools to protect and promote the EU and Western democratic model at home. More information about the trip that took place on June 19-21 2018 can be consulted here.

3. The usage and development of a “Fake News Alert” app which will send out regular updates to identify and debunk fake news and propaganda. Please download the “StopFals” app from your Playstore or you AppleStore

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