Europuls announces the first cohort of international fellows

Europuls – Centre of European Expertise announces the first cohort of international fellows with a strong background in EU affairs that will join the organization. The fellows will address current policy challenges through high-quality research and policy articles or conferences.


Name: Beste Yaren Budak
Position: Policy Analyst / Sociologist
University: Masters of Public Policy at Central European University
Country: Turkey
Bio: Beste Yaren Budak studied sociology at Koç University in Turkey. Her interest in the social effects of technology began with an elective course during those years. Following that, she graduated from Central European University with a master’s degree in Public Policy in 2020. In the thesis, she focused on the US and China’s AI policies regarding surveillance technology, autonomous weapons systems and big data usage at governmental level. Currently, she is working on a CBDC project as a research scholar at the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

Name: Irina Buzu
Position: President/ Researcher
Organisation/ University: INVENTO NGO/ Institute for Internet and the Just Society
Country: Republic of Moldova
Passionate about information technology, innovation, art and artificial intelligence, Irina is part of and offers legal tech expertise for the Code For Moldova community, the first civic tech organization in the Republic of Moldova, and is a SEEDIG YS alumna. She is pursuing her PhD research in International Law, with a focus on AI policies and regulation. Irina continues her academic work as a fellow researcher at the Institute for Internet and the Just Society, where she contributes with research as a “cosmonaut” on planet AI and Fairness, where she studies the intersection between algorithmic decision-making, ethics and public policy, aiming to understand and explore the functioning of the technology that enables automated algorithmic decision making and how such technologies shape our worldview and influence our decisions.

Name: Irina Constantinescu
Position: Urban Designer / Management Assistant
Organisation/ University: ESMA vzw
Country: Belgium
Irina has been active in the field of urbanism and strategic planning. She currently works in a European trade association. Since her graduation from KU Leuven, her involvement in local communities of Romanians from Belgium increased through her volunteer work. She committed as the co-moderator of NGO RO100 Bruxelles, where she grew the team and reached out to new communities in the diaspora. She organised campaigns during the elections such as “#thistimeimvoting” and “The ROle of MEPs”, moderated and organised events or workshops. Irina delivered projects of urban design for two years. Her interest stood in conducting research in: circular economy in the EU manufacturing industries, circular economy in urban landscape design, renewable energy transition, climate change and interinstitutional analysis. With her experiences in the Netherlands, Belgium and Romania, she started working with Europuls in order to promote EU integration and research further on environmental values for the Romanian community.

Name: Filipe Gomes Dias Costa
Position: International Lawyer
Organisation/University: N/A
Country: Brazil
Bio: Filipe Costa is an international lawyer with working experience in multiple jurisdictions and in the United Nations System. He holds a cum laude degree from the Advanced Masters in Public International Law programme from Leiden University. Filipe is a published author and specializes in the interactions between law and technology, as well as international dispute settlement.

Name: Vlad Surdea-Hernea
Position: Climate and Energy Policy Analyst at eclareon GmbH. / PhD student at the Central
University: European University’s Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and
International Relations
Country: Romania
Vlad Surdea-Hernea is a Policy Analyst at eclareon GmbH., and a Research Associate at A Path for Europe (PfEU). He is an incoming PhD student at CEU’s Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations, and has previously obtained a Master of Public Policy from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, as well as a BA in Political Science from the University of Bucharest. Vlad is interested in the European Union’s climate and energy policy, and in particular in the way in which states can design and implement adjacent social policies that allow the green transition to be a just transition that leaves nobody behind.

Name: Ioana Ichim
Position: International Studies Graduate
Organisation/ University: Leiden University, The Netherlands
Country: Romania
Recent International Studies graduate from Leiden University with academic background in economics, politics, history, and culture, specialised in North America as a focus region. Previously held the position of consular affairs intern at the Embassy of Romania to the Kingdom of Spain in Madrid. Attended various events in global affairs and participated in visits to diplomatic missions and international organisations hosted in the city of The Hague. Hands-on experience acquired in business-oriented projects across multiple dynamic industries. Passionate about foreign languages. Research interests cover economics, foreign policy, security and defense, and economic diplomacy. Open-minded and eager to develop in international and multicultural environments. A team player, proactive, adaptable, and outside-the-box thinker. Valuing freedom of thinking and creativity. Currently living in Romania.

Name: Davor Ljubenkov
Position: MSc in Data Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Organisation/University: DC Lead (Digital Communication Leadership) EMJMD (Erasmus Munuds Joint Master Degree) jointly by PLUS (Paris Lodron University of Salzburg), AAU CPH (Aalborg Universitet Copenhagen, Denmark), VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium) and UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)
Country: My home country is Croatia (Split) but I am currently based in Belgium (Bruxelles)
Bio: Davor Ljubenkov is a Brussels-based scholar in the fields of ethical Artificial Intelligence policymaking and digital communication leadership. Previously he obtained a MSc. in data science, innovation and entrepreneurship as a joint graduate at TU Eindhoven, KTH Stockholm and MIT Senseable City Lab, with a special focus on machine learning and data visualization in the context of smart cities. Over the years he also experienced working within the areas of sustainability, game development, neuroscience, youth policies and EU betterment through understanding geopolitics and digital technology management. Additionally, he held professional positions in data analytics and IT management consultancy, while acting as an SDG ambassador for Split-Dalmatia county of Republic of Croatia, UN ECOSOC Youth Forum delegate and a Board member of European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Digital Alumni Community.

Name: Nicoleta Mîrza (Mirza)
Position: N/A
Organisation/ University: N/A
Country: Currently in the United Kingdom. Born and raised in the Republic of Moldova. I also hold a Romanian citizenship.
Nicoleta Mirza is a LLM (Law and Politics of International Security) graduate from the Vrije University Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She also holds a BA in International Relations (European Integration specialisation) from the University of Pecs, Hungary. She has published several articles focusing on regional security and key concepts of international law. Her research interests consist of the study of the security threats and conflict resolution in such regions as Eastern Europe (including Russia), and Africa.

Name: Costin-Bogdan Mureșan
Position: Expert
Organisation/University: European Studies Unit (European Institute of Romania)
Country: Romania
Bogdan Mureşan is a project coordinator and expert within the Studies and Analysis Unit, European Institute of Romania. He is an associate editor for the Romanian Journal of European Affairs. His academic studies include the fields of international relations and European Affairs, history and political science. His area of interest also touches upon the domain of strategic communication and countering disinformation.

Name: Diandra-Ioana Tanasă-Cozdreanu
Position: PhD student
University: Babes-Bolyai University/ Center for the Study of Democracy
Country: Romania
I’m a PhD student at the Faculty of Political Science, Administration and Communication, Babes-Bolyai University. I am a graduate of Political Science, BBU and in 2019 I received my master’s degree in Management of Political Organizations. My areas of research are based on rule of law, independence of justice in Romania and separation of powers, the doctoral thesis is based on these fields. Also, in 2020 I finished Law School, “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University. I am a research assistant at the Center for the Study of Democracy in the field of energy poverty and associate teacher at the FSPAC. Also, I’m a project manager at the Political Science Student Society and I coordinate students to get involved in the community.

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