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The YOUNG DEMO project’s scope

The YOUNG DEMO project’s scope is to support youth democratic and civic engagement and to reinforce the importance of citizen involvement and representation in the European decision-making process, as a contribution to raising awareness and empowering citizens to make informed decisions. By focusing on young people, aged 12 to 26, the project will boost their civic motivation and will enhance the participation of the 2024 European Parliament elections, which are central to strengthening and nurturing democracy in the EU - a part of the participants being “first voters in 2024”. Partner Countries: Romania, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Sweden and Cyprus.

As part of this project, our organization’s main objective was to provide a valuable experience and opportunity for the participants which took part in the project’s various activities to learn more about the European Union, to create a learning context in which the young people to understand more about the European institutions and their European identity. For this we were responsible with two main activities: a study visit in Brussels and one European Institutions Guide.

As always, it’s our immense pleasure to provide valuable learning experiences for young people in the EU to better understand their role and identity in the European Union and for them to understand the power of their involvement in activities organized by the European Union and through this project we have yet again delivered on our promise to bring the European Union closer to EU citizens.

📍The YoungDemo project is funded by the European Union, through the CERV programme and is coordinated by an international consortium of partner organizations from Romania, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and Sweden.
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